Aashiyana service Caring for carers 

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The Aashiyana group was set up over 10 years ago and is based at the Gateway Centre on Kenion street in Rochdale.  Aashiyana was set up to support Asian parents and carers from the south Asian community who care for an individual with a learning disability.

Aashiyana’s main role is to provide support to carers in accessing a variety of services across the borough including information, identifying leisure opportunities and help with carers needs. The group also regularly organize, plan and support carers in a variety of activities including day trips, well being classes and leisurely walks.

A service that Aashiyana also offers is to accompany a carer on appointments where a carer wants to access training or educational support. Our Carer Support Workers can provide additional information, support and can act as a translator.

The Aashiyana Carers Service organise monthly meetings on the last Tuesday of every month at the Carers Resource Centre from 10.30am to 1.00pm. At these meetings carers get together for a break. They can access new information, share experiences and get an opportunity to socialize with other carers. Lunch is provided and carers can enjoy various therapeutic sessions for example,  Reiki, beauty, massage and pampering sessions.

If you require any more information about the Aashiyana carers group or would like to attend the monthly meetings or get involved in activities, please contact either Shamim, Zahida  on 01706 515800.

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Aashiyana carers enjoying a break on our allotment.

Pampering sessions

Carers enjoy their breaks at the Gateway Centre. The Pampering sessions run every Tuesday from 10am onwards.
If your a  BME Carer please come along.

carers' gardening project 2015

Starting the spring gardening project.

Just some testimonials from our Aashiyana carers on how they have benefited from the pampering . . .

“It relaxes my mind, I feel more relaxed and able to manage more with my disabled children and my own mental health has improved greatly, knowing I have a nice relaxing time, the exercise group has helped me as I don’t get time to exercise otherwise”
“It has helped a lot, I think it is much appreciated, I think it helps relax a bit more and chills you out”
“I think pampering and exercise should continue, the therapists were friendly and did their job professionally, thank you for the relaxing service”
“I get tired a lot, and receiving the therapies and doing the exercise reduces the stress I have on a day to day basis”.
“I have started to come regularly to the exercise and pampering sessions, I am learning the importance of making time for myself and of how important it is to look after myself,  and feel good, every week I look forward to chatting to other carers, it really sets me up for the week”
“It makes me feel good, I sleep better. I have pain in my knees and after exercise and therapies the pain reduces for a while, I always look forward to my back head and shoulder massage”