• Are you a carer for a child/young person with a Learning Disability or Complex Needs?
  • Could you do with a break from your caring role on a Saturday?
  • Does the child/young person you care for need something fun and interesting to do on a Saturday?

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Comments from Children and young people regarding the Rochdale Gateway Saturday Short Breaks Scheme (28/03/15 -22/08/15)

Enjoyable journey to Gulliver’s’ World.  Good music on the journey.  Went on lots of big rides and had a picnic lunch provided.  I chose which rides I went on, and went in the shop and got some sweets and some Lego.  The staff were funny on the rides.

I really enjoyed the day; all my friends went on the same rides as me.  I had nice things in my packed lunch (crisps and chocolate).

I went to Boomerang in Bury.  I played on the slides, ball pool.  There were a lot of tunnels and hiding places.  Staff had to find us.  The best slide was going round and round.  One slide we run up it.  We played funny games of cops and robbers.

It was well good.

In the sports hall at Gateway, we played rounders, cricket and football.  All my friends made teams, and staff cheated.  We drank lots of juice.  Staff kept changing the rules.  It was well cool.

I like to play on the games, I like to choose the games and they have a lot of them.  Car racing games are my favourite.  The staff makes us share too much!  I think it’s well good!

Comments from Carers of the children and young people

My son enjoys interacting with his peers.  The service allows him to do this by using facilities he wouldn’t have at home.

The service gives us, as carers some “me time”.  But more importantly it helps my son interact with his colleagues and helps him with his confidence – especially team games.  My son especially enjoys any computer activities and also football and bowling.

After discussion with Amjad I felt very reassured about the level of care provided for children with special needs.  Both of my twins absolutely love coming here.  It provides them with a safe, caring environment to make friends and develop their skills.  They both enjoy ball games in the hall and the computer games.  There have also been short trips to the park.  I just wish it could be on every Saturday!  I would like to say thank you to all the staff at Gateway – they are all fantastic and I have real peace of mind leaving my boys here.

Gateway was recommended by a friend – it was the best thing they ever did!

My son has really come on since attending the centre; he has more confidence to do things.  He enjoys going on the trips, and also likes to play with his friends and the Xbox and other games.  My son has made loads of new friends, and enjoys attending Gateway.  It is the best thing that we have done!  I have seen a big change in my son.  Thank you for all your hard work.

Gateway is a safe, secure environment, where my son can play, have fun with other children his age with an ASD, and can also open him up to children who also have difficulties maybe in other areas.

I now have somewhere I can take my son knowing he’ll have a good time, leaving me to have some time to do small jobs, have free time to myself for a bit.  My son’s social skills are also improving!

My son enjoys mixing with other children, having fun, going on trips on occasion and being with familiar faces and making new friends.  I would like to say thank you for letting me use your service.  It has made a big difference for me and my son.

Visit to Towneley Park in Burnley

Was a good day out in Towneley Park on 18th May 2015 with various activities. Football, walking and learning about the seasons and leaves off the trees. Had loads of fun on the swings, slide and roundabout.

Fun time exploring at the Boomerang center

A fun day out at a sensory play and activity center located in Bury on the 30th May 2015

A Saturday Club Project, to make a tapestry of all their dreams and aspirations. 

A Saturday Club Project, to make a tapestry of all their dreams and aspirations. 

Gateway’s Saturday scheme runs every Saturday (except bank holidays) and is based at the main Gateway centre on Kenion street. 

The scheme was set up for individuals with a learning disability to come and socialise, have fun, play games and make new friends whilst giving parents and carers a short respite break.

The End result. Hung proudly at Gateway. 

Click on Tapestry below to see their dreams:

It works on a rota basis where three Saturdays in the month are exclusively for children between the ages of 8 to 19. The scheme runs from 9.30am until 12.30pm and charges only £1 per session, this includes light refreshments.

On one Saturday in the month the scheme is exclusively run for adults aged 19 and up.

Again the price is only £1 per session and includes light refreshments.

wii dance.jpg

Activities include: Games console (wii) Movie time, laptops, Giant Janga, rounders, football, arts and crafts, dancing, rebound therapy, trips out in the community, day trips out of the borough and much more. All staff are fully trained and personal care facilities are available.


If you would like to attend or if you would like someone you care for to attend please contact Amjad on 01706 515800. All newcomers must be referred via Amjad so please make contact before your first session.

Photos of trip out for august 30th, 2014:
Relaxing, sensory trip to Space Centre for some.


Or was it a fun times up and down the slide?

I don't know who slept better that night Children or the staff.!    Fantastic day out, to the space centre, 

I don't know who slept better that night Children or the staff.!

Fantastic day out, to the space centre,