Muskaan and Gateway are ACE !!!!!!!!!

As someone who is a working full time carer , I would be lost with the Muskaan service for my sister Rushna. The service gateway provide enables me to have an independent life and work in society, contribute and at the same time Rushna can develop her self-confidence by doing activities that she enjoys with female only support workers in the local community .
The muskaan support workers are great and understand my caring needs and very flexible with Rushna needs and requirements and even take her to the doctor because I cannot get time off at work. It also gives me break also from caring duties. I also enjoy the respite services that she gets at Millgate and the flexibility to book in advance and at short notice. This enables me to have a decent break and do things that I want to do on my own. 
Without this service I would have to give up my full time job and look after Rushna seven days a week. This this we can stay together as a family but still live independent lives.

Hellal Choudhury

We would be lost without EDI and Gateway.

Our Daughter Michelle has attended Gateway for 6 years and we feel we would be really lost without it. The support Michelle receives is second to none in our opinion. She gets picked up and dropped off at our home every day by the same person and this is very important to us. We feel we have good relationships and have built up trust with the staff at Edi and gateway. There is a very high level of consistency.  Michelle also accesses the Millgate respite service and this gives us the break we need and also gives Michelle an opportunity to enjoy herself in a familiar environment surrounded by friends and people that we know care about her. This gives us peace of mind. We have no transport of our own so the fact that EDI take Michelle to appointments for us is a massive help that we would really struggle without. There is always a lovely atmosphere at gateway and we are made to feel very welcome whenever we attend at the regular gateway events. We know our daughter is a happier person because she attends gateway. 

Dave and Bev Postlethwaite

Testimonials from our Aashiyana carers on how they have benefited from the pampering

“It relaxes my mind, I feel more relaxed and able to manage more with my disabled children and my own mental health has improved greatly, knowing I have a nice relaxing time, the exercise group has helped me as I don’t get time to exercise otherwise”
“It has helped a lot, I think it is much appreciated, I think it helps relax a bit more and chills you out”
“I think pampering and exercise should continue, the therapists were friendly and did their job professionally, thank you for the relaxing service”
“I get tired a lot, and receiving the therapies and doing the exercise reduces the stress I have on a day to day basis”.
“I have started to come regularly to the exercise and pampering sessions, I am learning the importance of making time for myself and of how important it is to look after myself,  and feel good, every week I look forward to chatting to other carers, it really sets me up for the week”
“It makes me feel good, I sleep better. I have pain in my knees and after exercise and therapies the pain reduces for a while, I always look forward to my back head and shoulder massage”