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Everest Base Camp Challenge – 15th March 2022

Feb 9, 2022 | 0 comments

On March 15th, 2022, Ged Morley, Mike Hudson and Ted Archibald will start their adventure of a lifetime by traveling to Nepal and attempting Everest Base Camp. This has long been an ambition for the 3 friends who are all keen walkers.

This trip was originally planned for April 2020 but unfortunately due to Covid was cancelled. A further 5 cancelled trips later the adventure is back on! They have all trained extremely hard and are fully focused on the task.

The trip will take 17 days to fully complete and the trio will climb to heights of 5545 meters or 18192.26 feet. They will endure cold weather of up to minus 15 degree Celsius.

We are trying to raise funds for Rochdale Gateway Leisure which is a charitable organisation in Rochdale that gives adults with physical and learning difficulties a place to go and interact with each other in a safe and friendly environment.

We are specifically raising money for sensory equipment. A sensory room is a specifically designed space that has equipment to gently stimulate the sense for people with learning difficulties.

The staff can use these pieces of equipment to help with communication and to ensure that service users are more comfortable and feel safer in the environment around them.

Ged Morley has a friend whose son Jack attends Strive day centre within Rochdale Gateway Leisure, and this is the motivation to raise much needed funds for the centre.

Throughout the trip we will be sending pictures and blogs back to show our progress along our journey.

All monies raised will go directly to Rochdale Gateway Leisure via their own charity link.

Please click on the link below to donate!—15th-march-2022—15th-march-2022